• Funding: IST - EU: 5th Framework (IST-2001-38248)

  • Partners: Joseph Bell Centre, Erasmus hogeschool, Knowledge Stones, CONSOB, L & C, VATAT, RACAI

  • Period (yyyy-mm-dd): 2002-09-01 --- 2005-08-31

  • Members: Gang Zhao, Hannes Pretorius, Jin Berghmans

  • URLhttp://starlab.vub.ac.be/research/projects/poirot/

  • Summary: This project aims at compiling for several languages (Dutch, Italian, French and English) a computationally tractable and sharable knowledge repository (= a formally described combination of concepts and their meaningful relationships) for the financial forensics domain. This resource (= ontology),or parts of it, may be commercially exploited as a set of Semantic Web services. The ontology may be an eXtended Mark-up Language database or an Resource Description Framework Schema instance. Read a short description, the objectives and description of work, view an overall presentation or quickly browse a flyer.

  • Publications:
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