Co-Drive project

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  • Funding: Leonardo da Vinci (BE/04/B/F/PP-144.339)

  • Partners: Synergetics NV, Le Forem, Guinti Labs, Kenteq, NBC, SG PGO Techniek

  • Period (yyyy-mm-dd): 2004-10-01 --- 2007-09-30

  • Members: Stijn Christiaens, Pieter De Leenheer

  • URL: http://www.codrive.org

  • Summary: The CODRIVE® Project is a competency elicitation project for vocational education. It aims to develop a new competency driven approach to knowledge in vocational education, which will facilitate and innovate interoperability and matching between Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) and Public Employment Service Applications (PESA) through intelligent competency ontology design.

  • Publications:
  1. Christiaens, S., De Leenheer, P., de Moor, A., Meersman, R. (2007) Business Use Case: Ontologising Competencies in an Interorganisational Setting. In Ontology Management: Semantic Web, Semantic Web Services, and Business Applications, from Semantic Web and Beyond: Computing for Human Experience, eds. Hepp, M.; De Leenheer, P.; de Moor, A.; Sure, Y., Springer
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