Trevi (Personalized information in a large scale manner; Text retrieval and enrichment for vital information)

  • Funding: EU ESPRIT (23311)

  • Partners: Itaca, Sarenet, S.A , Denkart N.V., Reuters Limited, Lyras Shipping Ltd, Economisch Instituut Tilburg Gmd-Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik Gmbh, Federation for Enterprise Knowledge Development

  • Period (yyyy-mm-dd): 1997-01-01 --- 1999-06-30

  • Members: Peter Stuer, Marc Oste, Kris Verhoye, Ismael Sanz

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  • Summary: TREVI, explored the possibility to deliver personalized information in a large scale manner. In this era of new media, individuals as well as companies are overwhelmed with the never ending stream of information. One of the media-companies within the consortium, Reuters plc., has a new news-item available every 6 seconds, 24 hours a day, each day throughout the whole year. Once a limit is reached, the user no longer finds his way through this huge amount of information, and stops scanning the items. Within the TREVI project, along with other universities and companies, a software system was designed which allows filtering the stream of information on basis of user profiles, and situating individual news items within the context of other information.

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