IrisWeb: Ontology-supported ways to perform browsing in a (digital) library

  • Funding: DWTC (CM/00/C05)

  • Partners: Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie, Hoofdstedelijke Openbare Bibliotheek Brussel

  • Period (yyyy-mm-dd): 1999-10-01 --- 2000-12-31

  • Members: Mustafa Jarrar

  • URL:

  • Summary: Irisweb is a recently completed project (June 2001) in which STAR Lab, in cooperation with the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (VGC) and the Hoofdstedelijke Openbare Bibliotheek Brussel (HOB), researched ontology-supported ways to perform browsing in a (digital) library. In a traditional library, a user does a lot more than just looking up the book (s)he wants: (s)he walks around through the different parts of the library, takes a look at books located near the desired work, at book titles that other people took out of the shelves, overhears conversations of others about interesting books, ... In short, the user also assembles and uses information available in his/her environment. In IrisWeb we have implemented a small demonstration prototype that wants to illustrate possibilities for emulating such a richer experience even in the digital version of a library, be it without the limitations of place or time inherent in a classical library.

  • Publications:
    1. Jarrar M. & Meersman R., Inductive/Deductive Approaches for Semantic Searches in Digital Libraries. Technical Report 02, STAR Lab, Brussel, 2001.