Innovanet (Knowledge discovery lifecycle & knowledge innovation management )

  • Funding: EU - 5th Framework (IST-2001-38422)

  • Partners: PIRA International, Biovista, Bit Media (SIEMENS), Fraunhofer - IPSI, ITC/IRST

  • Period (yyyy-mm-dd): 2002-11-01 --- 2003-10-31

  • Members: Marleen Wynants, Sven Van Acker

  • URL: http://www.innovanet.eu.com/

  • Summary: The project will develop the knowledge life cycle and knowledge value chain concepts as a basis for creating and deploying middleware toolkits that will make it easier for users to access, integrate, and apply a wide range of resources available through high-performance networks. These toolkits will enable the problem-oriented sharing of scientific information, academic capacity, experimental data, and collaborative reasoning support for scientists and academic as well as engineering work groups in different locations. Read more about the project objectives or quickly browse a flyer.

  • Publications:
    1. Spyns P., Van Acker S., Wynants M., Jarrar M. & Lisovoy A., Using a novel ORM-based ontology modelling method to build an experimental Innovation Router. In, Motta E., Shadboldt N., Stutt A. & Gibbins N.,(eds.), Engineering Knowledge in the Age of of the Semantic Web, 14th International Conference, EKAW 2004 Proceedings, LNAI 3257, pp. 82 - 98, 2004. Springer Verlag.
    2. Wynants M., Van Acker S., Spyns P. & Jarrar M., Building an experimental Ontology-based Router for Innovation. Technical Report 19, STAR Lab, Brussel, 2003.
    3. Bouquet P., Niederée C., Muscogiuri C., Persides A. & Wynants M., Innovation Engineering for the Support of Scientific Discovery . Innovanet Deliverable #D4, ITC-IRST, Trento, 2003.